In early 90’s technology was introduced to me. In the beginning, it was all about playing and fun. However, as I became more acquainted with it, I realized that I had skills that could help me in doing more than just playing, such as doing my homework and school projects. Challenging my skills, I learned Macromedia Flash in order to do animation projects. Typically, there is a limit for self-study, so in early 20’s my ambitions led me to go to India and learn programming. I started with learning C then Java. Still, it was not enough, so I studied different languages for eCommerce: HTML, XML, WAP, ASP, etc. Moreover, I graduated from University of Bahrain with a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. I did not feel content as a full time student only; that is why I employed what I was learning in student activities. Becoming a member of the student council was a big step in my journey. Not only was I an active member, but I also organized the first IT symposium in the university, which was first of its kind. Also, I am the first who introduced and employed the use of technology in student activities rather than using the traditional methods of registration and documentation, like building a full system based on the needed requirement. Plus, I was a co-founder of YouthTech Society. I was the chairman for two seasons, our vision is “Towards Innovative Technology”. In conclusion, I have broad experience in managing and developing applications in the latest technology and the environment I work in. In spite of that, my passion for learning has no limits. Fortunately, technology keeps on developing and so am I.

Personal Details

  • Nationality:Bahraini(Bahrain )
  • Date of Birth:07/11/1983
  • Place of Birth:Muharraq
  • Marital Status:Married

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